About the Founder

Joseph Maurice Boy is the founder of SolgamesUSA Foundation. He got his start with computers in the sixth grade. After doing poorly in math, his teacher decided a new approach was needed by placing a kid’s computer game in front of him. He asked to learn how to create games rather than play them. Mrs. Ritz encouraged him to learn, arranging for him to have blocks of time alone with the school computers. Joseph’s grades increased dramatically. He knew he found what he wanted to do with his life.

At age twelve, he took it upon himself to ride his bike around to local businesses and offer them his services. By the time he graduated in 1989, he had about 50 clients. After a dose of reality he had to go get a “normal” job to earn a steady income. He went to work in the retail and hotel industries, but continued pursuit his dram to learn and study computers. In 1996, he decided to take a risk and start what is now YCS (Your Computer Solutions). As his business grew, he kept thinking about how he could give back to the community and help kids like him through computers and entertainment. His drive to help kids, and his love of computers, lead to him starting SolgamesUSA in 1999.

It started out small group of core gamers that wanted to get together and have a safe place to come and play. The popularity of this safe place grew quickly to LAN (Local Area Network) Parties of between 20-90 people at the house, with some parties being help in hotels to accommodate larger numbers. These parties consisted of kids ranging from 13 to 68, all playing games and socializing.

As the LAN Parties grew, Joe looked for ways to help the community. He got some of his current clients to donate their old computers when they upgraded theirs. The kids that expressed interest in learning more about computers were then asked to come back on non-party weekends to learn and work on the donated machines. These kids would refurbish these old machines and get the ready to be given back to the community.

Last year alone, we donated 85 computers to local non-profits that work with kids and seniors. The only requirements for the computers are: 1) They are not to be used in the office. They are for the kids and young at heart to learn on. 2) That we get a thank you note. We take these notes and send them on to not only the people who donated the equipment, but also to the kids that rebuilt them.